Become a digital citizen Testing Center

  • 1- Verify

    Ensure your testing facility meets the following policies and requirements as outlined in the contract

    • Exam administration policies
    • The exam policies
    • Technical requirements
  • 2- Register a new testing center

    Create a user account. Note: Each person will only ever need one user account with us. This account can later be assigned as many roles and functions, as needed. If you are unsure whether you have previously registered with us, contact support.

  • 3- Download and install exam software

    Delivery systems vary by supported operating systems. Ask for more information about which exams can be delivered in each system.

  • 4- Account management

    Learn how to manage your test center in the website Test Center management occurs in the authenticated areas of our website. To access the website, click Login at the top of the page. Our website provides a variety of account management functionality, determined by your role.

    • Manage exam vouchers, inventory, and site licenses
    • Manage associations: Add and distribute rights (e.g., proctoring, reporting, purchasing) to others.
    • Run reports for exam results and exam groups
    • Print certificates and score reports
  • 5- Administer exams
    • Preparing to deliver exams Reminder: The person administering the exam must be associated with your center as a Proctor. Registering as a user: All test candidates must register an account with us. Each person will only ever need one login/username. If you are unsure whether you have previously registered, contact support. Installation of the exam delivery system(s): Each computer used for testing should be set up and configured prior to exam delivery. Determine which delivery method you will be using.
    • Check for updates and test for readiness Prior to a scheduled testing event you should check for available updates to the exam delivery method(s) and then test your computer for readiness
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